Floortje was here

In October 2016 Floortje, the brilliant and popular TV-Star of the dutch televesion visited our farm for a couple of days. We are proud to say we enjoyed it and opened our hearts to her and the team. She dealt so nicely with the kids and everybody felt well with the whole team staying with us as friends.


The result is an apx. 40 minutes documentary about our family, the background, the problems, the visons of a simple family raising their kids in the Chilean Patagonia. Scheduled broadcast is:


19.03.2017 in dutch public TV, BNN, also soon after available as download with english subtitles: www.floortje.vara.nl


We also recommend to watch or download all her episodes, wich are brilliant in regards of photos, music and last not least the people she visited.


Heres the main link to her site: