We provide all year through the opportunity to stay at our farm and work with us in exchange for some basic food and accomodation. We can not keep more than 2 persons at the same time, mínimum stay is two weeks. In case you apply please read carefully:


  1. Tell us when you want to come and the planned duration of your stay
  2. Tell us your age, and work experience/knowledge and special skills like playing any instruments, teaching etc..
  3. You have to like kids and be able to get along with them because we have plenty
  4. No  " I just want to be outdoor" or pure physical Jobs for females if they do not bring a male accompany to do the indoor jobs. 


So finaly we need preferably help for:


  • Household, teaching, support with the kids on a daily base -with Veronika
  • physical work at the farm- with Ingmar


You might send your application as well using the following organizations. They also provide pics and rules and recommendations and  some feedback  of our hostings.

  1. www.helpx.net
  2. www.wwoof.net
  3. www.workaway.info