Supporting us

We do have lots of ideas as well as needs, but not enough money to realize it. Here we show you some of our planned projects we ask for some financial support:


  1. The main building gets way to small, or better the family kept growing. So we need to extend in some way urgently. lso a production building/warehouse/storage builñding is missing to get the saussiges, ham cheee and wine wine more and better one. To store it an keep it well is also a challenge we can solve with the new building.
  2. Anything to get down timber and firewood from the forest is needed. The small 15hp minitractor misses 4 Wheel-drive, so whenever the ground is whet ( wich means almost all vear through :-)) We can not use it . A 4 Wheel drive tractor or  a pair of oxen might help 
  3. A second car would help us so much to guide tourists. The car rental charges 150$ a day and we need it min. 10 times every season just to give  payed tours. 2 or 3 seasons and the car is almost payed by the savings of the rental.
    As well  if Ingmar has to be off the farm a spare car would make us feel much better. In case of any accident Veronika might drive the kid herself to the hospital or so, wich is anyway a 40 minutes drive...
  4. We need to rent a small and a big excavator for some days to omrove the Riverside and to make a small road up to the house. This will raise the value and chances for potential buyers and as long as we stay helps us a lot
  5. We would love to build one or two guesthouses for tourism as well as visitors. Or at least renovate our old little cabin for guests and tourists.

As a summary we can improve a lot with little investment. But unfortunately we can not without support. So any donations are more than welcome.


We will provide our bank details on demand 


Thank you!