Sending us a parcel

We appreciate your support!

In case you want to send us something, here is a little choice of what we always need:


  • Candies for the kids
  • Coffee, chocolate powder, Tea, Mustard, Nuts, Muesli
  • Body care products like lotions, sun-blocker, lip-gloss, soap,etc.
  • Kids tooth-brushes and paste
  • Books and quality magazines, also schooling material
  • batteries (AAA, AA)
  • Vitamin supplements
  • gel-aid powder for making jam, spices
  • candles
  • baking flavours concentrates
  • fishing tack (fly fishing line , leaders 3x and 4x, hoks to tie flies, spinners, lures) etc....
  • parches, homöopathic medicin, antibiotics
  • socks, jeans
  • balloons, straws for the kids
  • wine yeast and cultures, butchering stuff etc
  • duck tape



Shipping address:


Veronika Schneider/ Ingmar Lang

Casilla 319


XI. Region



Shipment takes 2 weeks to 3 months...