A real family project

We, wich means Veronika ( geb. 1974) und Ingmar (geb. 1965), and our children:

Leonie, Johnathan, Josephina, Villem, Iolantha, Fenimore, Milan, Colin und Oskar.

Born and raised in Germany we bought on our first exploring-tour in 2008 acompanied by Iolantha and Fenimore, our property close to Coyhaique.


The following year we prepared our move to Chile and left Germany in 2009 with lots of lugage. Our 20ft Container was already on it's way and should arrive in december that year.


Since hat time three more children were born in Coyhaique, Milan, Colin and Oskar.


Since we have been here we work hard and do our best to make our dreams come true, to live mainly self-sufficient and ecologic-based  in harmony with nature.